Taking Flight (Broh fic) Chapter 2

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A/N: Hey everybody, I finally got around to writing another chapter! I know it’s pretty bad with POV throughout, but it still reads well enough and in third person almost anything goes! … right? oh well. 
A/N again: Oh yea, and I forgot to mention: 40 NOTES on chapter one!!!! Thank you all so much! I’m really glad you liked it!
Rating: Same as before, really.

Iroh had retired to his room early. The White Lotus had been very accommodating, providing rooms for him and all of his men. He sat on the floor, boiling a kettle for tea and eating buns smothered in a creamy white honey-butter. It was surprisingly warm in his room, but he still wore a thick fur-lined jacket and wool pants.

He was waiting for the inevitable moment where he’d have to see Bolin again. He and his men had arrived last night, and Korra and her friends were visiting her parents first. He took this as a blessing - he could sort out his thoughts before actually having to see him.

And now he had ample time, but no idea what to start sorting. He couldn’t shake the feeling that this was wrong. Bolin said he would be turning 17 in a few months, Republic City’s age of consent. It was clear that Bolin was consenting to the relationship, and Iroh had done nothing to coerce him (he had tried to do the exact opposite in fact). He knew there likely wouldn’t be legal trouble, but he feared stigmatization. He could understand why Bolin didn’t want him to tell anyone about his feelings; there were people in the Republic who would be against their relationship. His military career could certainly be jeopardized, as well as Bolin’s probending. And that was all the earthbender and his brother had. Were either of them willing to risk that?

The kettle whistled, and he put out the fire he had bent underneath it. He poured the water into a cup and dropped a pyramidal bag into it, a crimson cloud erupting into the water. He held the cup to his lips, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in," he said, putting the cup on its saucer. Bolin cracked the door open and entered. "Bolin, it’s good to see you."

"Ah, good to see you too!" he let out a muted laugh and ran a hand through his hair.

"Come on, sit down," Iroh patted the ground on his right side.  Bolin did as instructed. "How are you this evening?"

"Good!" Bolin said, his teeth chattering, "Cold!" Bolin was only wearing his usual green clothes; he wasn’t prepared for polar weather. Iroh got up and grabbed his blanket of furs from the bed and draped it around both of their shoulders.

"Tea and treats?" He asked. Bolin nodded eagerly, and Iroh poured him a cup. Bolin took a sip and burned his tongue, but kept drinking anyways, grateful for the warmth.

"How’ve you been, Iroh? Arm feeling any better?"

"Much better, now that my grandmother has seen to it." 

"Oh right, I forgot Master Katara’s your grandmother!" Bolin smacked on a sticky bun. Suddenly his eyes widened in realization, "That means Korra is your grandfather!"

Whether Iroh laughed more at his joke or the way he said it through a mouthful of pastry he wasn’t quite sure. Bolin wore a proud grin, popping the last bit into his mouth.

"You sure made a mess of that," Iroh said, examining the honey smeared over Bolin’s mouth. The earthbender blushed, wiping crumbs off his lap. He looked at his fingers, also covered in the sticky substance and started licking them off one by one. Iroh’s mouth dropped an inch with every pop of a finger from Bolin’s lips. When he had cleaned his fingers satisfactorily, he looked up at Iroh’s now-red face. 

"You missed some," he breathed, running his forefinger across the boy’s lips. When he had cleaned the area completely, Bolin stuck his tongue out and licked the finger clean, taking it into his mouth and sucking the sticky substance off.

Iroh had gravitated towards the boy without knowing. They were now so close their noses touched. Iroh slid his finger out and replaced it with his lips, appreciating Bolin’s shocked gasp. He took Bolin’s upper lip between his own and gave it a teasing nibble. He broke the kiss and reached under Bolin, lifting him and the blanket and hoisting them over to the bed.

Bolin stretched out on the plush furs, the thick slabs of muscle in his arm extending out of his short sleeves. Iroh stood at the edge of the bed, unfastening the buttons on his jacket and crawling on top of Bolin. He knelt around Bolin’s waist, and leaned back, sitting on his lap. He took in the boy’s massive upper body with and appreciative smile, then got to work unbuttoning Bolin’s tunic. 

He pulled the garment over Bolin’s head and trailed his hands along Bolin’s arms, pits and chest. The earthbender’s eyes flickered at the attention Iroh gave his nipples. He tickled down the trail of hair on Iroh’s stomach, making the man wriggle and fall into a sloppy kiss. Bolin eased Iroh’s jacket off, and massaged the muscles on his back.

Iroh took his lips off Bolin’s and moved them to the boy’s throat instead. At first Bolin didn’t know what the man was trying to do. Bolin moaned in surprise when the ticklish feeling erupted from the side of his neck where Iroh’s tongue worked up and down. The walls reverberated his outcry.

"We can’t be too loud,” Iroh chastised, smirk betraying his sarcasm.

"Sorry," Bolin said, but he grinned and plopped his mouth on Iroh’s neck, trying to return the favor. He made a slobbery mess of it, but eventually found the right spot to make Iroh collapse on top of him, panting in pleasure.

Iroh slipped a hand into Bolin’s pants, but Bolin kicked and jerked away reflexively. Iroh backed off, propping himself up on an elbow beside the boy. “Too much?”

Bolin winced and brought a hand to his hair. He didn’t know why’d he’d had such a reaction. In truth, he just wanted to do whatever Iroh wanted - he’d been great so far. “I-I don’t know.” Iroh waved Bolin’s hand from his hair and started brushing it back himself.

"We can stop for the night, if you’d like."

"You… you wouldn’t mind?"

Iroh chuckled “Course not.” He pivoted himself and Bolin so that they lay together correctly, heads on a pillow. Iroh reached towards the candle, and flicked the fire out with his bending. “Good night, Bolin.” Bolin dove into sleep with a kiss on his nose and Iroh’s hands gliding through his hair.

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